November 27, 2011

There is no better gift than a fragrant candle, a lip balm or something stylish and elegant.
Just look all around you...


ORLA KIELY Small poppy meadow storage jar                 

               Campagne képkeret 3részes
Arctisztító kefe kicsi    Emergency Room gyógyszeres doboz        Winterclean szivacs szarvas

Bobby Brown csokoládé fondue     Fill me! ajándék-gömb fehér         Wilbur malacpersely arany                                                                                                                                                                      

Big Spender golyórágó automata     Bucky édesség-vödör fém``Gumimaci``      Happy táncoló torta 28cm +elem

Animal party ajándékzacskó jegesmaci          Good Fellows mormota 16cmCavalier adventi naptár ló 41x50cm

Coolumbus jegesmedve 30cm      KingsRoad24 adventi naptár faház        Matryoshka baba 5db 14cm

November 11, 2011

British Vogue gives us holiday sparkle a whole month early, with a gorgeous story starring Iekeliene Stange and a million little Swarovski crystals. Shot by Benjamin Lennox using a dazzling array of lighting effects, the edit uses pieces from DiorChanel,Giles and Christopher Kane to great effect: Kim Howells‘s styling is on point!

The words vibrant and minimalist, may not traditionally occupy the same space in the American fashion landscape, but Calvin Klein’s spring collection was an artful merger of the two ideals. With saturated colors shown alongside stark white pieces, Kevin Carrigan created a look imbued with the season’s optimistic spirit. Playing with an aquatic theme, models perched on rocks like mermaids and black sand spread across the ground. Attention to the slightest detail has always been a Calvin staple, so the engaging atmosphere comes as no surprise. Instead we were wowed by the sophistication of the line and its cuts, from tailored suiting for men to floaty dresses for women.

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