July 30, 2011

Breakfast at  Tifanny's. Every people know it. One of the most iconic movies. 
The amazing costume, the perfect make-up, and the legendary Audrey Hepburn. Her face is almost everywhere. Posters, bags, clothes, t-shirt, pyjamas, and everything else. She was tall and slim, (some people called her anorexic!?) and her closet was perfect. Yeah, she always appeared in stylish outfits.She loved puppies.  After her death her clothes were so expensive, and everyone wanted to copy them.
And  we are here.
Nowadays the Hepburn-style still alive. We watch her movies, we wear her face, we copy her style, we love her.
That is all. A simply-Hepburn secret.
Be yourself, be feminin, be stylish and clever.

Okay, let's see.
We are Hungarian at here the magazine, so this post is gonna be a little bit proud. You know, at last here in Hungary we "produced" an amazing girl, who is called the Little Natalia Vodianova, and Jessica Stam two.So, this is a goof reason for the pride, isnt it?  
She is such a pretty girl, with sea-blue eyes, and adorable smile. That is why we like her so much
BiO:Palvin was discovered on the streets of Budapest in 2006 at the age of 13. She shot her first editorial that year for Spur Magazine. Palvin subsequently moved to Asia where she continued a steady stream of bookings. Since then, Palvin has been seen on the cover of L'OfficielVogue RussiaGlamour Hungary and Jalouse Magazine.

Her runway debut was as an exclusive for Prada during Milan Fashion Week in February 2010.Palvin has also walked for Louis VuittonMiu MiuNina RicciEmanuel UngaroChristopher KaneJulien MacDonaldJeremy ScottVivienne WestwoodEtro, and opened a show for Chanel.
Palvin is ranked in the top 50 on the Top 50 Models Women list by models.com.Palvin is often compared to Russian model Natalia VodianovaBritish Vogue editor Miranda Almond said, "We chose Barbara because she is absolutely exquisite looking a cross between a young Brooke Shields and Natalia Vodianova." Palvin credits Vodianova andKate Moss as her favorite models.
*yeah, we copied the text from the wikipedia. big deal.
Barbara is just 18, but she appeared at the Chanel show, the Miu Miu fashion show, and so on.
The next girl is gonna be Daphne Groeneveld. ( tomorrow, guys)

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What is the Jill Sander? Well, a brand with a fashion designer called Raf Simons. He is not gay(!what a big surprise) and he has got awesome taste of fashion. His collection is puritain, simple and every woman's dream. You can learn his fashion-sense. 
Nice colors with conspicuous acessories. 
Why not the fall collection? Because we wanted to write about (last not least) this incredible collection.
So, yeah, this is the reason-but don't be sad, our next post is gonna be a Jil Sander post. What kind of? Don't be nosy. We promise it is gonna be such a cool post as Jil Sander's clothes.

July 29, 2011

aka the Pink dream at home

Living room:For this pretty look, you should buy some light pink courtains and pillows. The rustic exterior is dominant, (yeah, for the rustic interior) and the golden detailst are important to.
Dont forget the white, what makes your room elegant and special
A white wall with pink things is almost the best look for a really girly, stylish and elegant room.

Bathroom: for a pink bathroom you have to use pink paint (but, only light! because the neon, or strong colors are too conspicious) and a really big rustic mirror, for increase the space.
This interior is excellent with a big, old bathtub and a lot of candles.
 [Pink retro-style bathroom]
So, almost ended this summer. We have to say bye, soon. But, till september  we can wear this uplifting, refreshing, fashionable and "color-blocking" color. 
Best pieces: orange skirt with camel shirt, orange shoes (platform, flatform, mocassin, whatever), orange short, with white oversize t-shirt.But don't worry, because this adorable color is gonna be fashionable at the fall/winter season to. 

Hello little weirdos, we are here again! (stay alive)
Today I am gonna write about the unbeliveable Abbey Lee Kershaw. (what a big deal!) 
But, you know it is, definitely. Abbey Lee is an australian girl, who almost conquared the fashion world.
She is tall, she has got blue eyes, amazing teeth, pretty skin, and  unforgettable photos.

Bio:As a child, Kershaw was always in the hospital; when she was four she suffered from meningitis and had to have two spinal taps. She also had a tumor on the knee, and several of broken bones from climbing trees. She "grew up with 42 nationalities" explaining in an interview, that her primary school of 150 children, was very multicultural. She later went on to win the Australian 2004 Girlfriend Model Search. After high school, in 2005, she moved from Melbourne to Sydney to begin modeling. She lived 100 meters from thebeach and it was while at the beach where she got scouted by Chic Management's Kathy Ward, the model scout that also discovered Miranda Kerr and Samantha Harris. She signed with Chic Management within weeks.

 *yeah, we copied this from the wikipedia.
Go on.
Nowadays she s starring almost every fashion shows, including Chanel, (do you remember the 2010 fall/winter campaign?), Balmain, Ck, etc.

But, at last not least here is an awesome (maybe) photo-montage.
I hope you'll enjoy it!

The next model:(article tomorrow) is Barbara Palvin

July 27, 2011

I think my taste in fashion is a little bit eccentric, but I hope you'll enjoy this compilation.

compiled by: Liza &sejjribizli
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