July 30, 2011

The Audrey secret

Breakfast at  Tifanny's. Every people know it. One of the most iconic movies. 
The amazing costume, the perfect make-up, and the legendary Audrey Hepburn. Her face is almost everywhere. Posters, bags, clothes, t-shirt, pyjamas, and everything else. She was tall and slim, (some people called her anorexic!?) and her closet was perfect. Yeah, she always appeared in stylish outfits.She loved puppies.  After her death her clothes were so expensive, and everyone wanted to copy them.
And  we are here.
Nowadays the Hepburn-style still alive. We watch her movies, we wear her face, we copy her style, we love her.
That is all. A simply-Hepburn secret.
Be yourself, be feminin, be stylish and clever.


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