July 25, 2011

Chanel pre-fall 2011-2012

Today we (okay, just my fashion-director and me) have seen  the whole Chanel Pre-Fall 2011 collection. (why the pre-fall? donnu) By the way, i wanna say something about this incredible show and collection: all these baroque-patterned coats, and black and white colors are awesome. And stylish, and really-Chanel. For example, you can wear a Chanel tweed costume all day, without style-mistakes. And it is as easy as the E=mc2. So. Lagerfeld decided to design this collection in a really feminin and noble -feeling. Black lace everywhere (why not? always in style)  and tweed to. So let's grab your white clothes and wear them! Karl Lagerfeld really knows what he wants. And he presented his thoughts is a really classic way. ( i dont know why, but this collection seems a little bit too perfect, isnt it?) But this is why we like the Chanel. God bless Lagerfeld. 

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