August 28, 2011


Have you read Coco Rocha's writing about Cindy Crawford in the ELLE? If your answer is: haven't you must check it out!
Coco Rocha as a self-journalist ( and she does it well ) and Cindy as a gigantic and iconic supermodel. (and she does it well, as always) So right now we are trying write about the iconic-Cindy. She 'invented' the supermodel as a word, and not last she covered the ELLE almost 30 times. 
(or more) She has 2 children, a happy husband a many fitness DVD-s. ( a little tip: If you bought a Cindy-DVD and you didn't try it yet you should do it. She doesn't give a lot tips, but her DVDs are uselful, as well.) 
By the way she has a shoes-company, the Fifth Avenue which makes definitely cheap shoes for the business and fashionable women. You can find the shoes in bigger stores.
And a little bit about Cindy's life : She never was model-in-life. She' seem her status as a job. And it makes her unusual.

  Cindy Crawford

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