October 28, 2011


The importance of China as a fashion market continues to expand, not only in its value as a key luxury demographic, but also importantly as a new platform for creative marketing. Take for instance, the decision of the Huayi Brothers, the powerful Chinese fashion and entertainment company, to invite England’s legendary Vivienne Westwood to stage a grand opening ceremony for Shanghai Fashion Week SS12. The mix of Westwood’s thoroughly English brand history(Think World’s End, Malcolm McClaren, London Punk, The SEX shop) with China’s deep cultural heritage (the show opened with a DJ live mixing a Chinese folk song THE RED DATCHMENT OF WOMEN), made for a dynamic inter-change. Opened by Ming Xi, the face of Shanghai Fashion Week, this Westwood show transcended mere retail branding and became a kind of cross-cultural collision rich with English attitude and timeless Chinese spirit.

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